Grand Challenges for Social Work

Initiated by the American Academy of Social Work and Social Welfare (AASWSW), the Grand Challenges for Social Work is a groundbreaking initiative to champion social progress powered by science. It’s a call to action for social work researchers and practitioners to:

  • Harness social work’s science and knowledge base
  • Collaborate with individuals, community-based organizations, and professionals from all fields and disciplines
  • Work together to tackle some of our toughest social problems

Who are We?

This site is dedicated to one of the 13 Grand Challenge initiatives, Create Social Responses to a Changing Environment. Over the next decade, we will ignite social work achievements focused on disaster risk reduction, environmentally displaced populations, community adaptation and resilience to environmental change, and environmental justice. We envision close partnership with diverse disciplines and sectors, and progress in all areas of social work research, policy, practice, and education.

Network Co-Leads

Susan KempUniversity of Washington

Lisa Reyes Mason, University of Denver

Lawrence Palinkas, University of Southern California

Advisory Council

Shanondora Billiot, Arizona State University

Amy Krings, Loyola University Chicago

Praveen Kumar, Boston College

Claire Luce, Virginia Commonwealth University

John Mathias, Florida State University

Dorlisa Minnick, Shippensburg University

Felicia Mitchell, Arizona State University

Meredith Powers, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Kelly SmithInstitute for Social Work and Environmental Justice

Mike SpencerUniversity of Washington

Samantha Teixeira, Boston College